baby eli


Being in college, and having all of this homework, has really put a cramp in my style as far as my schedule goes. I did this little photo shoot back in February and it has taken me two months to get these edited (so sorry, Kara and Dustin)! I don’t think its ever taken me that long, with the exception of my computer crash last fall.   But, I finally have them finished and I can’t wait to share them. Let me introduce you all to Elijah Monroe Dixon! I love this sweet baby boy, and his parents too, I can’t wait to watch him grow up! He’ll soon be big and toddling around, so I loved being able to capture a small part of these fleeting times while he is so small. 🙂




_MG_5096 _MG_5106

love these little features_MG_5141_MG_5141-2 _MG_5161-2 _MG_5177-2 _MG_5185

We weren’t a happy camper for a little while, but he’s even cute when he cries. 😉_MG_5258-2 _MG_5258 _MG_5280


_MG_5335 _MG_5347 _MG_5355-2 _MG_5355

_MG_5370 _MG_5374 _MG_5379 _MG_5383_MG_5434

Who doesn’t love a good baby belly?!_MG_5392

_MG_5401 _MG_5422-2  _MG_5552 _MG_5556 _MG_5557-2 _MG_5559 _MG_5561 _MG_5562-2 _MG_5564-2 _MG_5564

“E” is for Eli._MG_5568

_MG_5600-2 _MG_5607


_MG_5621 _MG_5634 _MG_5636


_MG_5674-2 _MG_5674 _MG_5687





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