Daniel’s Senior Photographs


I’ve known Daniel since he was a wee little lad!

Where has the time gone? I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that all the little kids I knew growing up are know graduating high school.

We had such a fun time driving around finding places to take pictures.

_MG_4652_MG_4682_MG_4692-2_MG_4698_MG_4700_MG_4701-2_MG_4703_MG_4708_MG_4718-2_MG_4718_MG_4730_MG_4736_MG_4752_MG_4774-2_MG_4776_MG_4804_MG_4809_MG_4811_MG_4824_MG_4931_MG_4933“Please don’t shoot me in the head, Daniel”_MG_4952_MG_4972_MG_4989_MG_4999_MG_5010_MG_5021_MG_5032-2_MG_5095_MG_5100_MG_5189_MG_5215_MG_5225_MG_5244-2_MG_5259_MG_5291_MG_5312_MG_5351_MG_5381-2_MG_5389_MG_5432_MG_5437_MG_5494-2_MG_5499_MG_5558-2_MG_5579

Daniel is a senior at College Heights Christian School and has plans to go to College of the Ozarks in the fall. Best of luck to you, Daniel!


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